Mission Map

Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


January 8, 2018

Week 98
Peygamberimiz icin sukurler olsun Allah'imiza
(for the prophet's sake)

*"Since I've served in a place where the tought of a modern prophet and continuing revelation are looked at as ridiculous, I've had to gain a lot stronger testimony in that area. I know that because God loves us and because He will never stop loving us (as in every human to ever live), He will always provide a leader for His Church, and one to reveal His word to us. I'm very grateful for the example Thomas S. Monson set for all of us. I know he was a real man and a prophet of God."
*Still teaching the "chicken and rice man"
* Exchanges with the zone leaders--that went well
*"I get to meet my new companion on Wednesday and introduce him to Turkey. He will be one of the new volunteers coming from LA. The visas were banned but the US and Turkey skyped the problems out and it has all gotten better between them.."
*"I'm honestly so excited to train during my last six weeks!  I think that this is what I need; it'll help me stay focused and continue to work hard."
* Got the last of the packages!
* "Thank you for the insight from Job 5-don't think I've come across that one before. I really like that one."
*Explained Islam's Plan of Salvation--SOME similarities
*Lots of Love, "thank you for your endless love and support--I'm gonna give the Lord and the Turkish people all that I have these next 6 weeks!"


January 1, 2018

Week 97

* "Just like last year--we had to stay indoors starting at 6:30 p.m. for New Year's eve. It doesn't get too crazy here, but they just want to make sure we're safe."
* Good news that more guys from the ward are getting mission calls!
*Figuring out some logistics of coming home-- soon!
*Gave a talk in church yesterday about setting goals. "I invited everyone to set goals focused on helping other people, not just goals to help ourselves. So, I"ll definitely be focused on ways to help people this year, right there with ya!"
*Insights on Alma 26 (It is a family challenge that he gave to us)
* "It was great seeing you on Christmas Day, an hour was definitely better, but we still could have used more time."
*"We were able to meet with our doner friend (although now he has another job selling chicken and rice, so we'll call him "rice man."). He came to church for the second week in a row! He's a really cool guy and loves meeting with us.  He also loves the "Blue Book." We're super excited to see what happens with him!"
*Not too much to report, "this week flewwww by!"
*"We get new volunteers soon the visa ban was lifted! We'll get them on the 9th!"

Yasli Marusiak, a member, and me in Antep :)

Some Antep food

We were able to take a boat tour of the entire Bosphorus! It was way cool but it took 4 hours!

December 25, 2017

Week 96

Merry Christmas!

Skype is such a blessing!!!!


December 18, 2017

Dunyay Aydinlat

(Illuminate the World)

Week 95

*"Kedi" Documentary- "That's so funny that you found that, we'll watch it when I get home."
*Having a hard time finding (English) words lately haha
* "Thanks for sharing your insights about Alma--it didn't dampen my mood at all."
*"So, back in October President Dogan, the branch president in Antep, introduced us to his aunt and we've been teaching her since then. She and President Dogan's daughter were going to get baptized together on Saturday. The morning of the baptism, her children forbade it and stopped her from coming; it was really sad. She called President Dogan crying. Yasli Grover baptized the daughter and I confirmed her the next day.  I'm glad that President Dogan wanted us to do that."
*Next Saturday, there will be another "pool party" and I was asked to do the honors, so it will be the second person I've actually dunked, both in Antep."
*Wait til Christmas to open the packages "or can I when I get them?"
*This week flew by-3 day zone conference and another weekend in Antep. "Zone conference was great. It was, of course, centered around Christ and I definitely felt my relationship with Him strengthen. We played a game called "the left and right game" and then we had a while elephant gift exchange. We need to start making that a tradition every year. It is HILARIOUS. My gift was my wooden watch from Tony. Yaski LaMay opened it and then Yasli Johnson stole it. I ended up with a Turkish-Arabic Kuran, but I already have one, so I gave it a volunteer who didn't have one. We then decorated gingerbread men, had dinner, then had a devotional on the history of the Church in Turkey from Brother Cakir."
*Wednesday--displayed a Nativity. "We also sang for older people in a Catholic nursing home. It went really well and they appreciated it a lot."
*"Yasli Grover and I were able to meet with our doner friend and he has a desire to learn more and come to church when he can get off work. We're planning on meeting with him tonight. Please keep the people of Turkey in your prayers, that their work schedules will allow them to come to church on Sundays."
*Skype happens in a week "woooo!" This time it will be a whole hour!!!
*Love and miss and appreciate the support
Yasli Grover and me

The MoCollums had us over for their son's 14th birthday. They go back to America in a few days-we will miss them a TON

Helping decorate President's tree.

Helping decorate President's tree

Decorating the gingerbread men

Waiting for the white elephant exchange to begin


December 11, 2017

Week 94

* Better attitude this week--Able to get some things done. However, still struggling with a little bit of negativity in the companionship.
*Tender Mercy happened right when this email was being written! Definitely what was needed."Holy smokes, the Church is true!"
*"Our doner friend is super busy because of work. He hasn't read very much of the "blue book", but he still loves it when we stop by. He basically agrees with everything we have taught him and he wants to come to church an keep on learning.
*Haha, spelling Nephi like Nefi. "I'm just used to spelling it that way now."
*"This week we were able to "Light the World" almost every day. For example, I've tried not to be judgmental in Any circumstance. It's way harder than I though. It's something I need to get a lot better at, so I'm gonna keep at it."
*"Last week were a little late paying our monthly rent to our landlord. She seems like a lonely older lady, so we bought her some bakalava to apologize and be friends with her. We were kind of nervous to give it to her because we weren't sure how she'd react. BUT it did end up making er very happy and we were happy we did it."
*"Last night President Cakir and his family invited us to dinner. We were able to read the scriptures with them and have a spiritual conversation."
*Crazy night tonight! only 10 minutes before bed, and just now able to write."So many things popped up that prevented us from emailing earlier.  Sorry I can't make this longer.I  have a lot more to say. Just know that I love you, I love where I'm at and what I'm doing. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and the "blue book" has changed my life!"
We got your tree! I love how you put "Santa Cows" in there!



December 4, 2017

Week 93

*Pool party~that was E. Nattress siphoning the pool
*"Our friend who was progressing the most told us Friday that he wanted to take a break from meeting with us, it felt like a big slap in the face. He was progressing so well and was befriending a ton of people in the branch, then this happened. We are, however, meeting with a guy that works at a doner place close to our house. We went there one time. He asked what we do.  We told him and he asked for a "blue book".  We were actually so busy for quite a few days so we never had the chance to stop by and give him one. He waw us crossing his restaurant he called us over and asked for his book. We felt sooo bad so we gave him one right away the next day. We also sat down with him and explained what it was and everything.  He seemed very interested and promised us he would read it.  We'll see how he progresses."
*Appreciative of spiritual insight. "This week I learned how I need to have more faith when I talk to people and just let the Lord take over. I worry too much about what I'm gonna say/ask because I HATE awkward situation. BUT in Helaman 7 when Nefi (Nephi) is praying on the tower and all the people stopped an mocked him, he stood  up wnr in g45e4 13 it  he 'opened his mouth' If he would have just awkwardly stood there and let the people look at him, he wouldn't have changed their hearts like he did as well as tell of the prophecy of the murder of the chief judge. So it's important to have faith instead of fear.
*Tender mercies- They are ALWAYS there. "I will pay more attention and do better at remembering them so that I can share them with you."
*"The Light the World initiative is awesome. I can see it already strengthening our members and volunteers, our entire mission really."
*Personal study- still in Helaman
*President Davis found a service project. "We go to a retirement home run by foreign Catholic nuns. This week Yasli Grover and I got to go feed some elderly ladies (as in spoon feeding them). I was not excited, I was actually dreading it on our way. BUT once we got there, the patrons were so nice and they loved  us there."
*Zone conference in two weeks (already). The day after the whole Turkey zone is going back to the nursing home to do a big project.
*This coming Saturday, the Catholic church is hosting a huge fundraiser. All of the Istanbul volunteers will help with that "Way excited for that!!!!
I can actually put up with cats now, but this one can't put up with me!

#Light the World!  We helped this man feed all of these cats in this park that he runs

A really good quote from Elder Holland


November 27, 2017

Week 92

*"What people write to me is always beneficial and meaningful!"
*A TON happened this week!
*Were invited (along with another companionship) to an American family's house for Thanksgiving, "so we got to have two Thanksgivings, haha, don't worry, I'm not sad when you tell me you set a place for me at dinner, haha."
*"I always have a prayer in my heart, whether it's asking for motivation to talk to someone, asking to know who to talk to or what to say/ask. OR praying for my companion when he's teaching a lesson."
*Not much personal study this week--way too busy, and the studying was planning for lessons.
*The Book of Mormon question and what was learned will be revealed next week.
*The Davis's decided to host a family home evening for some investigators/members. "We brought a friend and a less active member, it went really well and I love that the Davis's did that!"
*Tuesday-"E.Grover and I had the opportunity to go with and translate for President and Sister Davis and the Bassetts (the humanitarian couple), at an American Protestant church. The purpose was to see if the volunteers could do service there. The pastor is such a nice man and the church is doing some amazing things. They take in so many Armenian kids who are living on the streets, and give them education, clothing, food, and a place to sleep. They do all of this even thought their church is pretty small. Going there and seeing all of the kids and what they have to go through was so humbling, just like when E. Nahle and I went to visit all of the Syrian kids and deliver hygiene kits to them."
*Tuesday night- A newer volunteer passed out three times in the same day and was sent home because of that. "He flew into Istanbul Wednesday. E. Grover and I spent the whole day with him and sent him home the next morning. It was pretty rough for him, but he still had a great spirit. Hopefully he'll get to return in a few months."
*Went with E. Johnson to Gaziantep "Antep"  "On Saturday right after we flew in, we went to the familiar village E. Grover and I had visited before to teach a lady who has a dunk date! She only has one or two more lessons left and we are so excited for her. We also taught two more people who have a ton of potential. We introduced the "Light the World" campaign and I hope you, dad and Alli do that, it's such a cool idea."
*Also spent a lot of time with E. Grover translating "Light the World" into Turkish so that the members could participate with the rest of the world.
*Love and always in prayers
Me-in a beautiful Istanbul view

More amazing Antep food

A picture I took 5 minutes ago--on the way back to Istanbul


November 20, 2017

Week 91

*Details about the Thanksgiving meal and what was eaten: a TON of turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, typical Thanksgiving stuff.
*Elder Christison's fireside last Saturday morning was "amazing"  "We learned so much about Joseph Smith and how much of a miracle the coming forth of the Book of Mormon was, I'll have to share some of it when I get back,  I wrote about it in my zone conference journal.'
*The theme of zone conference was The Holy Ghost and how we need to have him as our third companion at all times. "It was definitely the most spiritual zone conference and probably my favorite one." E. Heck and E. LaMay role played teaching the Restoration-- "It was so spiritual that almost everyone was crying." President and Sister Davis gave great insights, and the new zone leaders were able to teach for the first time! They talked about recognizing weaknesses through the Spirit and improving them. "E. Grover and I got everyone excited for the harvest day that happened the next day, by introducing new ways to go finding. We also talked about how we can improve our language skills, since most of the mission is really young."
*The recent challenge: To keep a MEANINGFUL prayer in our heart--"I always do have one, but I'm gonna have to try harder this next week because it wasn't as meaningful as it could have been."
*President Cakir's son got back from his mission this week (from Germany)! He gave his homecoming talk on Sunday. "I did an exchange with him in Germany, not sure if you remember that, but it was awesome to see him."
*New challenge: to write down a question before we start reading The Book of Mormon and to see if it can give us the answer.
*Personal study is in Helaman


November 13, 2017

Week 90

*Got package two weeks ago!
*One of the best preparation days in the whole mission today! "With zone conference coming up tomorrow, all of the volunteers came in from Izmir and Ankara last night. This morning we all got to play football and have a Turkey Bowl. Since we have an Argentine and an Italian, we also played a little soccer. Playing football today with all of the volunteers was probably the most fun I've ever had playing football. We all just laughed the entire time and it never got competitive. We then got showered and headed over to the mission home and had sooooo much good food."
*Made cheese spaghetti--Volunteer Grover helped and it turned out pretty good!
*Tonight will be a pre-zone conference devotional about Joseph Smith, given by E. Christinson, s senior volunteer in Ankara. Tomorrow- zone conference!
*"President Davis gave us a few really good and loving thoughts before we ate our Thanksgiving feast.. I was super sad to be gone for Thanksgiving, but I know that next year will be awesome with everybody."
*I'm so grateful for my Savior, not only the saving power that comes from His Atonement, but for the enabling power that comes as well (Alma 7:11-13) "And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people, and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities. Now the Spirit knoweth all things; nevertheless the Son of God suffereth according to the flesh that he might take upon him the sins of his people, that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of his deliverance; and now behold, this is the testimony which is in me."
*Grateful to be on a mission, especially in Turkey and for all of the people
*"One of the greatest gifts we can receive is more light and knowledge, and I've been able to receive those from so many people I've met here."
*About President Davis: "He is very loving about anything he tells us, even when he's telling us when we need to do better--he does it in a very Christ-like way."
*"I love 2Timothy 1:7! For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  And I also love your challenge. Fearing God over people is one of the hardest things to do, but it's because we (natural man) make it that way. Overcoming weakness is a huge step toward becoming like Christ."
*Tender mercies--keep on noticing and writing down!
*Love you, grateful for all!
The cheese spaghetti! :)

The gang playing football (real football)


November 7, 2017

Week 89

*"Please give Micky a hundred thank you's and tell him that I love him also. Will keep (family members) in my prayers."
*This past week was able to work with Volunteers Rasmussen and Johnson!  They are in a trio with Volunteer Nattress (Istanbul zone leader). Volunteer Grover did an exchange with him~ "We went to see a yogurt maker that an American family in the branch met, and told us to visit. He's really a nice guy but not as interested as we hoped, but we'll still go back and talk to his co-worker :)"
*"Volunteer Johnson is one of my best friends, and I got to work with Volunteer Kanongata'a again--I love that guy too! He's got one of those smiles that is so big it forces his eyes shut, he's a big teddy bear."
*With being in Izmir for preparation day, wanted to see if tickets could be changed in order to go to Ephesus, but it didn't work, maybe some other time.
*MLC was "great" Volunteers Nattress and Earl joined for the first time as zone leaders "and we were all inspired and uplifted by President Davis, I"m usually the scribe, and that's okay. haha"
*Will keep looking for and writing down tender mercies!
*Sure do love and appreciate, thank you so much for being you!
I can make a good breakfast every morning now!

Our view flying from Izmir a few hours ago

Cig Kofte

With Yasli Kanongata'a


October 30, 2017

Week 88

* Looking for tender mercies again this week
* "Being able to look at people the way Christ and God see them is definitely  something you need to ask for sometimes.  I have a firm testimony that God does love every single being on this planet and we have no right to treat anyone below ourselves."
*Sooo cool about Alli and her poems--she's sent me two that she's written
*Personal study: Alma 50
*"Yasli Grover and I got to meet with quite a few friends this wee, including the one that brought his friend, and we also met with the friend the day before!"
*Back to Gaziantep again for the weekend!, this time Yasli Nattress went. "We were expecting a lot of friends to come to church, so Yasli Grover stayed back for them. (unfortunately none of them came)...but our trip has been great. We actually don't fly back for another four hours so we'll spend preparation day here!"
*This upcoming week: MLC(which should be great), and going to Izmir Sunday night -Tuesday morning,
*The duties of an AP are to 1.Carry out the vision of President Davis throughout the mission, by working with other volunteers, mostly other leaders; we see what we are doing well and not so well.2. Plan zone conferences 3.Make a lot of flight plans for traveling volunteers 4. Discuss transfers with President 5. Do kind of boring stuff, like keep track of reports and key indicators (how many people everyone teaches, etc.)
*Love you so much!
A really old cami (mosque) with the moon shot
The Antep castle!

Some good ole Gaziantep home made food!

October 23, 2017

Week 87

Fight the Good Fight

*"Definitely enjoying the time I have left out here."
* Making plans to attend USU after the mission, getting things ready!!!!
* Not allergic to shrimp, but last week it was just raw and probably ruined
*President and Sister Davis were in Kazakhstan the whole week--no real AP type stuff to do, "we just did normal volunteer work and it was awesome! We taught a ton of lessons. A couple of them didn't go so great, but it was still such a blessing to be able to have a full week of nothing but teaching and talking to people."
*STUDYING!--"I have missed personal study a ton!
*Went to the univ**ersity that a friend attends and he gave a tour. 'It was SWEET and it honestly kind of pumped me up to go to school when I get back."
*People that are being taught in the area: *A guy who is married and has a baby girl, came to church this week! *a friend who is middle age, kinda different, but is really progressing and loves meeting!
*"So back in August, a married couple had a pool party and they are both amazing.  They were recently called as Gospel Principles class teachers. Yesterday in that class, we had our friend, who brought a friend (the middle age friend), and two very Muslim college students. The students are college students and they were there to study our religion for a report haha (this isn't the first time this situation has happened). The couple starts the class and the students asked how long it was going to take because they needed to do their afternoon namaz (five times a day ritual prayer). They had 35 minutes until the next one was supposed to happen.  It was suggested that they do it upstairs. I gave that person a very dirty look, because the members would not be okay with that if &they found out! So then the suggestion was for them to go to a nearby mosque and come back. They chose to miss that one. The lesson? it was on the pre-earth life and they did so well! I can't get into what all happened in full detail, but the students tried to do some debating, but our friend was so in tune with the lesson and loved everything being said. He told us, "today you guys answered all of the questions I've had, when can I join you guys?"(That will definitely be a Skype moment)
*Thanks for all uplifting and inspiring words, love you more than I can express!

This little kitty softened my heart toward his species


October 16, 2017

Week 86

I Puked on a Bus This Week!

*Exchanges in Izmir went alright. "We have to be extremely careful down there, since we've had three volunteers deported from there and out of Turkey. The volunteers don't even have apartments down there. Every single week for a day and a half, they fly to Istanbul, stay at the apartment way out west, then when in Izmir they stay at hotels and they do this at different times during the week so there is always a companionship down there."
*Good visit with Volunteer Konongata'a as well as with Volunteer Earl!  
*Turkey now has two zones--Istanbul and Anadolu (consists of Ankara and Izmir) Each zone has one zone leader--Volunteer Nattress in Istanbul and Volunteer in Anadolu. Zone conferences with still be with both zones and the zone leaders will run them. There are also (still) four districts and district leaders in each of them.
*"I have a new title, but still do a lot of the same things.
*The title of the email this week: "Last Monday night we were invited to eat at a "Japanese" restaurant by an older couple who served a mission in Izmir over ten years ago. I ordered yakisoba ;) but it wasn't that great. It had a ton of shrimp and I ate all of that, but found out quickly in the middle of the night that they did not cook the shrimp nearly enough. I had multiple trips to the bathroom and didn't get much sleep. In the morning, I told E. Grover what happened, and he asked if we should stay home that day, but we had an important meeting with President Davis about transfers. So, I decided to tough it out. I had puked once already and I felt a little better after that. We walk to the bus stop, get on the bus, and there is a ton of stop and go traffic, which makes me feel much worse, and I feel another spew coming.  I tell E. Grover to tell the bus driver to open the door because we were completely stopped in traffic. He couldn't bring himself to do that, but he remembered that he had a bag. That would not have been pretty at all. But as soon as I puked, I felt like a million bucks (even though I probably made everybody else on the bus want to puke), haha. We got off the bus, continued our trip to the mission home, and had a great meeting with President!"
*Tender mercy this week: A promising friend from last year disappeared just before the departure to Germany. "One day this past week, I had thought about him and later that day, I saw him about to get on his moped to deliver food for his restaurant! He sees me just as I see him and we have a quick conversation. I gave him my number and I committed him to meet with us one day."
*General Conference--Elder Rasband's talk!!! "It related so much to things that have happened to me out here! TANRI BUYUKTUR  (God is great)
*"Thank you for everything and more!  LOVE"
Working with E. Topham, working in Kazakhstan. He came for a medical exam and he speaks good Russian!

E. Grover and I are on our way to Izmir

We helped move an Azerbaijan member family to Izmir. They're an awesome family and they fed us a ton of food.

Look at this tiny shopping cart! haha


The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints
Central Eurasian Mission
Kanyon Ofis Binasi Kat 6
Buyukdere Cad No 185
Turkey 34394

October 16, 2017

Dear Parents:
Congratulations to you and your son on his new calling as Assistant to the President in the Central Eurasian Mission.  This is an important calling and comes because of his diligence in studying, learning and understanding the missionary lessons and doctrines of the Church. His overall growth and development as a faithful servant of the Lord is evident.
Elder Muncy will need to rely on the Spirit for inspiration on how to conduct the missionary work for which he will be responsible.  Remember the words of the Lord given to the saints in Missouri found in D&C 58:27-28, "Men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; for the power is in them..." As his mission president, I have a great trust in him and know that he is capable and has the power to lead his area in this marvelous work.
I congratulate you for having a son who has prepared himself to receive such an assignment.  I extend my sincere love and appreciation to you and your family for your efforts in rearing such a fine young man.  Although I have been here for a short time, I have already come to love him greatly.
Stephen R. Davis, President
Central Eurasian Mission

October 9, 2017

Week 85

*Don't trust Google Translate- it messes everything up and isn't even close! haha
* Here, when something is going by so fast, they compare it to water-- that's what last week's subject like meant
* Trying to have a positive outlook during hard times
*"Shea wrote to me during the week on Thursday, saying that she felt a prompting to write to me about being a leader--I shouldn't let Satan get to me with negative thoughts. It was definitely something I needed at exactly the right time. That is a HUGE tender mercy!"
*"God has us go through tough times to be there for those that need someone to understand and relate to. I think that every volunteer who serves a mission honorably goes through their own Gethsemane, but it's nothing compared to what the Savior went through."
*Chance of snow? Missing the winters of Colorado a little bit
* D&C Section 135-- "I'll definitely read!"
*During this week: watched priesthood session of general conference, had zone conference, and went to Gaziantep. Couldn't do much personal study, but for now it's Alma 39. 'Being zone leader, it's usual not having much time to study for yourself."
*Zone conference was great! Elder Huntington, a senior volunteer, gave a presentation on Islam. "Yasli Grover and I then related it to our work and how we can teach those with a Muslim background. We based it on Alma 18, when Ammon taught the king. The actual them was the Book of Mormon and how to get it spread through the whole land. It was very inspiring." "Yasli Grover and I gave a talk about technology and how to use it more effectively. We also motivated each other to work more in unity and act more like servants of the Lord and not a fraternity."
*The trip to "Antep" was great. "President Dogan told us of a couple who lives outside of the city, who wants to learn, so we actually got permission from President Davis to travel just a little bit north to a city called "Adiyaman" to meet them. They are so nice, have huge potential, and fed us a ton!"
*Istanbul Asia side, the area is called "Umraniye." "Our apartment is too nice for volunteers and the neighbors are never a problem--Turks are the nicest people on the planet. We have quite a few friends, and hopefully we can meet with them."
*This week, going on exchanges to Izmir, that will be interesting (can't talk about the details)
*Much love!

He's riding a donkey!


October 2, 2017

Week 84

Burda Vaktim Su Gibi  Geciyor

(My Time Here is Passing Like Water)
Week 84

*Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) all of the Istanbul volunteers are meeting at President Davis's house.  First, there will be breakfast then the priesthood session of general conference!  All volunteers are watching it with their respective districts. "A lot of people said conference was really good, so I'm very excited to watch it!" (It's the last one of his mission!)
*Email from Shea! "your notes from conference resemble hers, I can tell you two are sisters."
* Heard of Elder Hales' passing
*Thinking about humility! "That's why Alma 26:12 is one of my favorite scriptures. "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak, therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."
*The move to Umraniye (Istanbul Asia side) went well. "I like it a lot better than I thought I would!" The area has quite a few investigators. There is one who has a lot of potential and one who is kind of "tricky" "but he's still very special!  Working with Yasli Grover is way nice! He is hard-working and is a great person." 
* Heading into a very busy week: zone conference,( going to Gaziantep. and helping to train a sister from the branch who is going on her mission in Turkey! (visa issues)
*Did an exchange with Yasli Nattress, the Istanbul Asia district leader. "he is a great elder and I love him a ton!"
*"I was also able to go to Ankara and I worked with Yasli Earl, who took my place as district leader there. I also got to the see young man who Yasli Kanongata'a and I taught and who had a pool party right after I left. He is doing so well and wants to go on a mission next year!"
* The half hour difference in the schedule is working out very well, it's actually a huge benefit for the whole mission. "We'll see how the rest of the zone feels about it at zone conference."
*Love you! thanks for all of the support 
Some more food :) A fat Turkish version of a tortilla called lavas (lavash), and of course Ayran 

Vapours are my favorite part of Istanbul!

The mall!
Landing in Ankara!


September 25, 2017

Week 83

*The email rules have changed-- emails throughout the week are allowed to be read, but must be read at the end of the day instead of the beginning of the day. It's an awesome way to show support!
* "Yasli Puff and I found some new potential friends who seem so solid! Although---President thought it would be best if Yasli Grover and I are companions...that means I won't continue working with the people Yasli Puff and I have been teaching as well as the recent converts (who are all soooo amazing!) He and Yasli Copia will take good care of them."
*Yasli Muncy and Yasli Grover have so much to prepare and to do and it makes perfect sense that they are companions now. "I'm packing today and moving to the Asia side of Istanbul! I'm assuming that this may be my last area before the end of my mission.?"
*Going to Ankara soon and going on exchanges!!!!
*Also going back to Antep soon (don't know if Mom wants to know that one because of the location) "so grateful for the approval to go back there!"
*MLC was this past Friday and it was "amazing." It was an hour late because Skype wasn't working, but finally got hold of the Kazakhs. "It ended up being very spiritual."
*The schedules are pushing back a half hour, just to see if it works out better. It will be better to wake up at 7 now! "We'll see how it goes for a couple of weeks."
*Thinking about schooling and what to do with life.
*"Got the Gatorade and I"m only having a couple of scoops a day. :)"
* Five months and counting!!!!!
Some of the best kabap on the planet

Exchanges with Yasli Rasmussen--this pic is especially for his momma!

September 18, 2017

Week 82

* Trying the email on the phone for now (Volunteer Puff likes to do it that way). Glad to get the emails through the week! "I still have the hardest time waking up and it helps if I have something to read and it gives me the energy I need to wake up and work out."
*Perspective of when people get upset and have feel like they have to blame somebody, but it doesn't have to be that way. Turn it inward and try to understand instead of attack!
*Testimony of the Holy Ghost has been strengthened! Something that wasn't even expressed was known at home!
*"Antep is definitely a special place to be.  The food that was in the picture was: meat, peppers and spices, chick peas (served almost every meal), more peppers, and part of the lamb they "sacrificed" the week before."
*Enjoyed learning a little bit about the history of Nauvoo and the temple there, the temple then and now! Really cool quote by Brigham Young!
*"Yasli Puff and I spent a lot of time together this week--to be honest, it will probably be the most time we spend together the whole transfer."
*Thinking about the challenge given to him, still hasn't done it, maybe waiting until later, but has an idea about it. (The challenge is to tell somebody that he wouldn't normally tell how much he cares about them, it's my challenge too!)
*"Appreciate and love more than you know!"