Mission Map

Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


November 7, 2016

Week 37

Mom! Dogum gunu multlu olsun!! (Happy Birthdayyyyy) Cok gencsin! (You're young). What your co-workers wrote was a really nice thing!  I thought the speed walker one was funny- so true haha. I'm so happy that YOU are my mom! I hope you had a great birthday. I thought about you a lot on Saturday and was pretty sad that I couldn't even give you a hug or anything, but I'm sure Alli made up for it.  Sounds like you had fun at the CF. I like yours and Alli's Turkey hoodies and I've never seen that taffy before, MAYBE it's Turkish, I don't know, haha. So our apartment is pretty much fully functioning. We now have a stove, hot water, and something else we needed, I don't remember what it was. We still have to organize a little but everything is good! I really can't say too much about meeting with our friend from Nigeria, but I can kind of tell you about him. He is living with two friends who are also Nigerian and members. They go to the English group part of the branch~that's how he became interested.  We were actually at his place to meet one of his friends for a recent convert lesson, and he walked in and was like, "Hey! my name is___and I want to learn from you guys!" We were like, "OKAY!" He is awesome! He asks great questions, does what we ask him to as far as commitments go, and his friends area  great influence to him. He is in him mid 20s  and has super cool spiky African-style hair. Micky emailed me. Tell him I said thank you for the money.
Right now I am somewhere close to the end of Matthew, don't exactly remember where, though. I aslo started reading "Jesus the Christ." but don't think I'll go much farther because I'm like Nephi, my soul delighteth in plainness. I love hearing how my service is blessing you. I hope it continues throughout my mission and even beyond. So this week, I went on two exchanges. One was with Volunteer Blair in Levent. That was so awesome because we met with a bunch of friends.  He is so stressed as zone leader. The other exchange was with Volunteer Allen in our area. It ended up being a two day exchange because Volunteer Nahle got super sick and we had to wait until he got better- we live over an hour away and din't want to make him travel that long and far. Volunteer Allen is being trained, so I was basically a trainer for two days. It was so weird! We taught two lessons and it was the first time where I had to understand everything and take charge.  TIME IS GOING WAY TOO FAST! Other than that, this week wasn't too crazy. I really enjoyed the pictures you sent me.  Thank you ! I love you so much, Mom! Happy Birthday once again, have a great week.  p.s. I'm pretty sad- it seems like I missed the most intense World Series of all time. I couldn't even read the articles you sent me because even seeing the pictures made me too sad haha.  Love you momma

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