Mission Map

Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


November 14, 2016

Week 38

Hey Mom! Please don't feel bad about the World Series thing seriously, I exaggerated.  You know it's hard to make me sad Mom :) Our apartment doesn't have a cd player yet, but we're hoping to get one. Yasli Nahle loves the cd as much as I do so when we get one, we're gonna blare it a lot haha. This entire week Yasli Nahle very slowly recovered so we stayed inside for a lot of the week. Friday he felt well enough to leave  and the day was going well until.. we left our apartment after dinner.  We left to meet with out friend (and it's actually funny now but we weren't happy at the time) and we walk out the door and shove our key in the thing to lock it, but the key wouldn't turn.  Here in Turkey, doors don't open without turning the key so we couldn't lock it OR get back in.  It was Friday night in Istanbul with TONSSSS of traffic.  We had to be back home in a couple of hours and our friend lives even farther west than we do.  We tried for a long time to find a way into the door, but we ended up having to cancel out appointment and stay the night with the Levent volunteers, with the clothes we had on, just enough money for taxis and phones haha. Before we decided to stay in Levent, we called Kizkardes Toronto to see what we should do. She told us to try using the spare keys that the Rasmussnes have before calling a locksmith.  So, the next morning we got up, brushed our teeth with toothpaste on a finger (which actually isn't that bad) and walked to the Rasmussen's place.  They surprised us thought with an AMAZING American breakfast: pancakes, eggs, and BACON. That made our entire trip worth it! The Rasmussens are like my third pair of grandparents, I love them tons! After we got home, the spare keys didn't work like we figured, and we had to get a locksmith. The locksmith wiggled a few things for like 10 seconds and opened the door.  It turns out that we left the back up pair in the inside part of the lock, so that's why our key wouldn't turn...we felt so stupid hha. Church yesterday was really good!  It was our first week with all 12 of the volunteers in the brach.  Sooo many. A ton of random people showed up that haven't come in a while.  It was awesome! I will definitely read Mormon 1-6. I am in Mark 3 right now.  I am really liking the New Testament. Again, thanks for letting me know how much my service is blessing you.  It gives me motivation.  The plaque I sent says "Return with Honor"  Oh, I wanted to thank you for sending me letters! they make my day! I love you so much, Mom. Thank you so much for everything.  Have a great week (Kolay gelsin! Seni COK seviyorum!

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