Mission Map

Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


August 29, 2016

Week 28

 Buna ragmen kime guvenmis oldugumu biliyorum (I know I have to trust)
Hey momma! I can't believe that Kempton got called to Mexico, I wouldn't have guessed that, but I'm stoked for him! So the temple gets rededicated this Sunday. We will be watching it from our church and I've heard that whoever comes and rededicates it might come to talk to the missionaries.  I'm not sure though, don't wanna get my hopes up. Yes, people here get offended if you don't eat what they cook for you, so I might be gaining a few pounds but I'm not complaining. :) German chocolate isn't that bad, but in my opinion, Turkish chocolate is AMAZING. Turkish everything is better! About F, he stopped talking to us. A Turkish guy that works at a restaurant asked us if we had a Bible we could give him.  At the time we didn't but told him as soon as we got one we would give it to him.  So we stopped by on Saturday to see when we could give it to him, where to meet, etc.  All he said was,"thank you". He didn't say anything else, super weird but we'll keep buying food from him( not just because we want to baptize him, but his food is good too). The most eventful thing we did this week was go on Turkish exchanges. We went all the way to Berlin because Yasli Cakir is serving there and that's who we did the exchanges with. I worked with him and Elder Griffin worked with Yasli Peterson. It was fun to actually speak Turkish with my companion!  He's a Turk--bonus! I really miss Turkey, Mom. If you could, whether it's good or bad, please update me with what's going on over there. They need us over there!  I'm not wanting to be selfish, but that's where I was called to serve.  I know I'm doing the Lord's work and I need to trust in His plan. In such a short time I grew to love Turkey and the people there that no other place or people in this world will have. I'm not having a bad time, but it's rough sometimes.  Well, I love you so much, Mom and I hope you have another great week.  Thanks for all of the love and support. Yasli Minsi
Omni 1:26

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