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Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


May 23, 2016

Week 14

Gunaydin Annem(Good Morming Mom) This week went by so fast!  We have met some great people, two especially.  One is very accepting of what we say and teach him and he even came to church yesterday.  He is Macedonian.  The other guy didn't come to church yesterday, but we have very high hopes for him.  I gotta tell you that I ate some lamb head!  They have dozens of them around here on rotisserie things.  They are so expensive so we all shared one (Yaslis Blair, Mattes, Nahle, 2 members and myself). So they chop it all up and serve the tongue, brain, cheek, and eye.  It was so gross, except the tongue didn't taste too bad haha.  The brain tasted like seafood with the texture of mashed potatoes. The eye tasted like a chunk of fat, the cheek tasted weird, and the tongue tasted like super dry pulled pork. Elder Mattes liked the brain, so he spread it on some bread.  As far as your primary class goes, tell them all hello for me and to share the Gospel with their friends as much as possible~ I wish I would have more.  Also, read Alma Chapter 26, it's my favorite. The Book of Mormon teaches SO much about Christ, more than I thought and  I've learned a lot about the Atonement!  It is my biggest motivation out here and I'm sure it will be for the rest of my life!  Send me a picture of you with your class. I'm glad that they ask about me. Thanks for everything! Seni cok seviyorum (I love you very much) iyi haftalar kolay gelsin (God speed, have a good week) Yasli Muncy
Red Velvet, of Course!

The Lamb's Head Feast


Yasli Blair

Apartment View

That is a SCORPION!!!

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