Mission Map

Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


May 22, 2017

Week 65

* An Istanbul member gave a surprise visit this week and they spent P-day with him.
* Personal scripture study: Jacob and Romans
* There have been some busy days lately, and it's been hard getting personal study in, 
* "Glad you heard from Sister Porter." (s he left me a voicemail after feeding the volunteers on Easter Sunday. I JUST got it this last week!)  "They are an awesome family!"
* To answer some questions: Turks love basketball.  "As a matter of fact, one of Turkey's best teams won the entire Europe League Championship.'  "invite friends over and fix cheese spaghetti haha"
* This week was super eventful. Unfortunately there have been some digestive issues brought back from "Antep" Tuesday E. Earl and he went to Istanbul on exchanges with the zone leaders. "I was able to work with E. Russel in Bakirkoy and we taught three lessons in one day!, which is CRAZY here. One of them was with our Nigerian friend that E. Nahle and I spent so much time with. He has progressed so much! It's great to see success in an area you (I) helped start!"
* A referral came from a woman in Norway. Her friend here in Ankara has cancer. She thought she could benefit from a visit and a blessing. She is actually from Kyrgyzstan but married a Turk and knows perfect Turkish. "We got there and it was so sad when we saw her. It was a really good experience that I don't have tine to write about, but I did write it in my journal, we hope to visit her again."
* Our friend had a pool party last Saturday! "She was so excited and nervous but it was great! We are very happy and excited for her!"
*I love you guys! Have a great start to summer break!
Keeping It Real in a Cami (mosque)

E. Earl is Camera Shy

Ne mutlu turkum diyene  "The One Who is Happy to be a Turk!"
Our Branch Pres. gave us a HAM STEAK and we also had some mashed taters!

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