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Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


February 27, 2017

Week 53
Sevgili Annem :) Hello Dear Mother

Hey Mom! I'll just start again with your questions. -- I got a package of Gatorade powder a few weeks ago.  I just finished it all last night :).  Is that the one you're talking about?--We, of course, sing the hymns in Turkish in Turkish sacrament meeting.  Sometimes we sing in Turkish for district meeting, but other than that, it's English. --I am eating fine:) no other place in the world has food as good as Turkey!-- A powerful scripture I found is in Jacob 3:1!  Speaking of that, I just reached 2Nephi today! Sorry about your terrible day, but I'm glad that you have things to help you manage through, and me being one of those things is a big honor:) Thank you so much for all the love and supports and prayers and long sent hugs! Also thank you for all the great things you tell me in your emails! I sent kind of a long group email today so I don't have much time today.  I hope you like the pictures though.  They are with Yasli and Sister Neilson.  I love you a ton Mom1  Hope your kids stay chill this week. Oh! have you taken your students on a bus ride somewhere yet?  Have they earned it yet? haha I love you momma bear!

Group Email

Evlerimizden Ograndigimiz Seyleri Surekli Bizimie Kalir
(The Things We Learn From Our Homes Stay With Us)

Hey, everyone!  Sorry I missed a couple of weeks.  Things are going great here!  We're just chuggin' along and loving every minute of it! This past tuesday we met with a member who doesn't live in Istanbul but we was visiting here for work. His hotel was super close to us so we paid him a visit and gave him a little spiritual upliftance ;) He stayed in a five star Radison and gave us a tour haha. He is a really cool guy.  Other than that, the weekday part of the week was pretty normal.  Our weekend, though, was really special.  Our humanitarian senior couple serving here has been coordinating some service projects to help refugees. They gathered up and put together hundreds of hygiene kits and had the volunteers distribute them to organizations in their (our) areas. The people in one of the places were so grateful, they invited our senior couple and four of the volunteers to a dinner.  The Lemmons( (the couple) invited US and two other volunteers. The place is run mostly by Australians and Americans  We were able to meet some of their volunteers and they had some of their Syrian friends fix us an authentic Syrian dinner. It was so good and the people were so nice. Saturday was the day for Yasli Nahle and me to distribute the kits in our area.  It was hands down one of the most humbling and special days of my life.  We had to take two separate taxis because there were a ton of kits to deliver, and the place was super far from the church building, so we figured it would be hard to find taxis willing to drive for that. But, we prayed that morning that we would have no problems in regards to that.  The first two taxis we found were super cool and willing to take us there.  They both happened to know each other so communication was a lot easier while traveling there  There are a ton of details that I'm leaving out that aren't important, but believe me when I say that these two taxis were an answer to our prayers.  Anyway, after we got to the first place, we went to a refugee school and it was all girls.  They were very thrilled, to say the least, to see two American boys, haha, so that was interesting.  The second place was a cami (mosque). All the kids there were so welcoming to us and so grateful for the kits.  It made me realize how I took so many things for granted as a kid. They have almost nothing that I had as a kid and are probably more grateful than I was.  Another thing I have to mention- One of our taxis stayed with us all day and helped us distribute the kits to all of the kids, and even took us all the way back to the church without a cost.  Unbelievable!  I love what I'm doing here so much, and all the things I'm learning.  I love all of you as well and hope you are all happier than ever.  Have a super duper dandy week!

Very Special Conference With Elder and Sister Neilson

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