Mission Map

Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


August 8, 2016

Week 25

Hey Momma!
I really appreciate your fasting for our return to Turkey. Baskin Cakir told us that he will be asking the branch to do that until we get back. I love that man!  Make sure to tell whoever asks about me thank you because it means a lot to me as well.  Elder Griffin's personal Book of Mormon study is right where you and your primary class are.  I'm in Alma 37.  I'm also glad you received comfort.  I ask every night in my prayers that you know of my well being and I'm having the time of my life-even though I'm in Germany.:) Well this week was pretty good!  We still haven't found a single investigator but the ward is still feeding us a bunch and we are meeting some good people on the streets-Turks and Germans. There are all types of refugees here.  I talk to a lot of them thinking they're Turkish but they end up being from other places haha.  So far I've learned that either I feel the spirit or I feel super awkward.  Those are the main feelings and that's why it's so rewarding! On Wednesday we had zone conference.  Elder Charles from the Seventy taught us, so all of the missionaries went. Elder Charles is amazing! He and his wife have an awesome conversion story and they are both very good teachers together. He's the first general authority I've shaken hands with so that's cool.  Yasli Johnson is in my zone so we got to talk a lot on the train.  On Saturday we had a special meeting for all of the elders learning another language other than German.  All of us Turks got to see each other again.  There were 15 of us in Turkey and there are over 200 now, so some things are different.  I finally was able to meet Yasli Cakir and I saw Yasli Gullu again!:) On Friday we went to this ginormous park and this little tower where Hitler apparently gave some speech. Well, I love you so much!  Stay awesome :)
My Favorite Picture of Christ

Elder Griffin sneaked a picture of my creative exercising.

All of Us Before We Left Turkey


  1. Sister Muncy. My son, Ross is currently in the MTC learning Turkish. He reported August 3rd. He found this blog and we had been reading your updates together until he went into the MTC. We weren't sure what they would do with him when he got there, but were happy to find out that he is still going to be with the Turkish speaking missionaries.
    It has been great to read your posts and pray for these missionaries and the people of Turkey. It is surprising how fast we get invested in what is going on in the country where Ross was called to. I love the idea of fasting for our missionaries tobget back into Turkey! It hadn't occurred to me. Thank you for your example as a missionary mom!
    Tell Elder Muncy that a lot of people are praying for him and the people of Turkey.

    Love, Sister Terry Allen

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Many blessings to you and Elder Allen.