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Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


April 10, 2017

Week 59

Rab'den erekelter (Bounty From the Lord)

Volunteer Muncy and I have been talking about the tender mercies that the Lord has given to us, trying to realize them all and be thankful for them.  These are just a FEW of his, there are too many to write about!
*Every single of  my companions so far has been the biggest example to me.  I've learned so many things from each one of them.  That actually goes with every volunteer in Turkey.  I'm very blessed to be with the cream of the crop.
*There isn't a time when I read the scriptures when I don't want to mark the entire page, or chapter, or book :)
*My Turkish isn't where I want it to be, but it's pretty good.  It's all because of the gift of tongues! I understand things I don't study and am able to say things I've never tried saying before. Kendimin gucumle degil (I surprise myself)
*I've been able to continue eating WITH a smile on my face, and I didn't have the capacity to do that before. hah
*My patience for other people has grown.  That in and of itself id a ginormous blessing.
*The Spirit is with me even when I don't feel like I deserve his presence.
"I could keep going but I am out of time, gotta go."

Group Email:Alma 26:12

Gaziantep. Fistik Gibi
(So Beautiful!)

Hey Everyone!
This week was great!  Last Monday we got to ride bikes with some people at a super nice park with a lake.  Lemme tell ya all, Turks do not know how to ride bikes very well.  Some of the guys were trying to stand up on the frame like Pee-Wee Herman and they wrecked themselves.  It was hilarious. Tuesday we had a lesson with one of our friends.  We had her read James 1:5-6 and Joseph Smith's first vision.  She started crying and told us she had seen it all in a dream and she knows it's true! It's one of the coolest things I've seen in a lesson.  We also found out a little bit ago that we will be getting smart phones and access to social media.  We don't know much of the details.but this is a pretty big deal. It will help out with our work a ton! I'm pretty excited! Sooo for even way bigger news-Last Sunday President Toronto came to Ankara and interviewed the volunteers.  He asked Elder Brady and me if we would like to visit Gaziantep and teach some of the members and investigators down there.  It's kind of a big deal because there haven't been volunteers there in over one-hundred (100) years.  I didn't say anything about it until now for a reason; once you figure out where Gaziantep is, you'll probably understand why. ;) So, I had my weekend of service down there.  We went to church and saw the branch there.  We taught and met a lot of amazing people, heard their stories, and just had an amazing experience.  We also got to look around the city and buy some stuff, although we had to have a member of the branch with us at all times when we were outside, haha. I bought some pretty cool stuff (uh,huhhh). There was even a huge Kurdish engagement party going on next door to the house of one of the members in the branch.  In that culture, it's a huge deal!  Hipe you all are lovin' life. I sure am.  I love you all as well! Have a great week.

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