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Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


The View From Our Apartment

The Outside of Ataturk Memorial

March 27, 2017

Week 57

I Love Ankara

Hey Guys!
Don't have time for a group email this week.  Ankara is soooo different from Istanbul, it's insane. The differences include:
* The streets are almost bare
* You can hardy hear the camis (mosques) when the call to prayer goes off
* It is so much cleaner haha
* Our apartment is way nice- the nicest one I've lived in so far. We are on the top floor of our building
   and we have a sweet view!
* The church building is different too, it's like a small mansion.  Its the old Portugal Embassy.
It was so hard saying good-bye to all of the great people in Istanbul, but I love the branch here.  We have a ton of American families who are either here for the embassy or military.  Turks are actually a minority in the branch and that's why we're here. :) We have a ton of Iranian members, due to there being some volunteers who were called to speak Persian. They are all refugees too. Volunteer Earl is great too! He's from N.Ogden, Utah and his Turkish is pretty good! I'm glad you all liked my package and I meant to tell you that there are some of those things I'd like to keep. Today we went to the Ataturk Memorial and that was pretty cool.  We learned a little more about him and the battles he led for independence.
Items sent in the package:
* prayer rugs
* tesbihs (Allah beads)
* skull cap 
* a couple of Turkish shirts
* magnets
* change purses
* Islam literature
* Arabic Qur'an (Kur'an)-- Please keep it off of the floor
Thanks for all of the love, support and prayers!

Last Day With Volunteer Nahle, Eating My Favorite Durum

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