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Mission Map
Central Eurasian Mission: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan


October 17, 2016

Week 35

Hey Mom!
I saw the full moon either yesterday or two days ago and I thought of you right away and made sure to say a prayer for you that night. In Turkish when someone is sick, we say "Gecmis olsun sevgili annem!"(Get well soon dear mother) I hope it goes away quickly. I'm happy to hear that the cultural celebration went well. I was thinking about it Saturday and about the dedication on Sunday. That's cool that Baskan Uchtdorf  was the one to dedicate it. I'll never forget him and Yasli Bednar speaking German for the Freiburg Temple re-dedication. We watched the Priesthood session of conference on Friday and Baskan Uchtdorf's talk was awesome.  You should definitely watch it. So today is my eighth month mark! Holy Cow! It's going by too fast! I'm a third of the way down. We still don't have an apartment, but they started looking today, so hopefully it'll be soon. We found another friend who lives two and a half hours away from the church but still comes to church, institute, and wants to come to our "pool party" on Saturday for another companionship's friend. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say haha. Saturday I woke up with pink eye but it left yesterday. Also, I was on an exchange with Volunteer Payne and we got separated for almost an hour. So here in Turkey, our sight and sound rules with our companions are pretty stretched for contacting (I'm not allowed to explain), but anyways, we got on the wrong metro and as soon as I realized it, I tried and looked for him but couldn't find him. So I thought he had figured it out before I did and got off. So, I got off and went to the destination we had originally planned to go to. I waited for quite a while and he finally showed up. He told me he was on the opposite side of the metro I thought he was on, and he stayed on there until the very end and went all they way back where we had planned to go.  I hope you somewhat understand that! Learning another language really messes up your first one haha. For the refugee kids, that service project is Leven'ts so I probably won't go back there unless I happen to go on an exchange when they go there. So mom, I seriously love Volunteer Nahle! He is a consecrated volunteer and is one of the most humble people I've ever met.  He likes to do free running and is from Mesa. He was the first person to have EVER been born under the covenant in Lebanon. Most importantly, he's super funny, His parents are W and C so go ahead and look them up. Also a man in the branch with the initials MF added me and told me to make sure to have you add him too. He is the Pakistani guy I told you about--I love him so much. I love you so much, Mom.  Thank you so much for being you, I'm so grateful for you! I hope you feel better soon. iyi haftalar (have a great week)

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